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No One Puts Baby In A Corner (PG-13)

Title: No One Puts Baby In A Corner
Pairing: Kris/Tao
Rating: PG-13 (language only)
Genre: College!AU
Disclaimer: Title from "Dirty Dancing" script. :D
X-Posted to: AFF

Follows on from
Baby Peach Moves In || And Then There Were Twelve || Long Nights and Longer Days || The Young and the Restless || Peaches and Cream || Duizhang Does It Like A Boss || Dropping Eaves || Dashing Hopes || The Movie Games || K for Kidnapped || M for Meddling || Yummy, Yummy Peaches || Eureurong (Peaches Is Gullible) || All New Attack La-di-da || According to Plan ||
Best if you read them in that order. :D

Part 16: Sweet Like Syrup
Tags: author: d, fanwork: fanfiction, genre: au, length: chaptered, rating: pg-13
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